Pigment Red 122

Pigment Red 122

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1. Product namePigment Red 122

2. Product Basic Information 

Product name  Pigment Red 122
CAS No.  980-26-7
Molecular Formula  C22H16N2O2
Strength  100%
Appearance  color powder
Packing  Packed in 25kg bags
MOQ  25kgs
Payment  T/T, L/C, D/P
Lead Time  Within 15 days after order confirmation
Brand  Colorchem
Grade  Industrial grade

3. Product Specifications

Moisture (%)  ≤1.0
Water Soluble Matter (%)  ≤1.5
Oil Absorption (ml/100g)  40-50
Electric Conductivity (us/cm)  ≤500
Fineness (80mesh) %  ≤5.0
PH Value  7.0-8.0
Acid Resistance  5
Alkali Resistance  5
Alcohol Resistance  5
Ester Resistance  5
Ketone Resistance  5
Soap Resistance  5
Bleeding Resistance  5
Heat Resistance (ºC)  300
Light Fastness  8
Benzene Resistance  5

4.Product Advantages

High Tinting Strength and Gloss

Good Weather Resistance

High Heat Resistance

Excellent flowability and Dispersion

Competitive Price

5. Applications 

Mainly used as the coloring of inks (offset inks, solvent based inks, water based inks), paint (solvet based paint, water based paint), plastic & rubber, and in printing area.

6.Packing and Transportation 

Packed in 25kg Drums, Cartons, Bags

1*20GP=**MT with Pallet=** MT without Pallet (As per specific items)

Packing details can be adjusted according to requirement.




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