Titanium Dioxide

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    Titanium Dioxide Rutile Powder lomon R996 For C... R996 Coating,ink,color paste,paints,plastic,rubber details
    Venator Titanium Dioxide White R405 For Enginee... R405 SACHTLEBEN R405 is ideal for use in plastic systems where fine pigment dispersion is required, such as plastified-PVC, PE, styrene, engineering plastics and thermoset plastics, as well as rubber and tarps. details
    Venator TiO2 Price Titanium Dioxide Pigment R 4... R 420 SACHTLEBEN R 420 applies to all plastic. Outdoor durability is used for outdoor products, such as aluminum doors and Windows, PVC and PE film, etc. details
    Titanium Dioxide Price Per kg R699 For Coating ... R699 Coating industry as a white pigment and porcelain glaze drug, used as the coating and filler for papermaking industry, in order to improve the printability and opacity of paper in the metallurgical industry as a sponge titanium titanium ferroalloy carbide used for insulation welding rod to keep out inferior can also be used in the fiber plastic, rubber printing and dyeing Cosmetic industry and used in pharmaceutical fillers and food additives. details
    Rutile Titanium Dioxide TiO2 LCR 853 For PVC An... LCR 853 PVC,ABS,PS, masterbatch,plastic profile ,and also used in leather,coating and solvent inks. details
    Rutile Titanium Dioxide Pigment BLR 698 For Ind... BLR 698 It is recommended for a range of coatings applications. BILLIONS BLR-698 pigment has superb dispersion performance,and provides excellent opacity and gloss to both water and solvent-based formulations. Its optimized surface treatment of zirconia,silica and alumina make it highly suitable for exterior architectural and industrial coatings. details
    Rutile Titanium Dioxide Powder TR92 For Coating... TR92 TIOXIDE TR92 Titanium Dioxide Pigment has been serving the European market for over 50 years, and the success is reflected in its successful widespread application, which is now used in coatings, plastics, specialty chemical applications, etc. details
    Titanium Dioxide Powder Rutile Grade TR52 For P... TR52 -TIOXIDE TR52 Printing ink -Can paint -High-gloss interior architectural coatings details
    Titanium Dioxide TiO2 Rutile Grade R5566 For Po... R5566 Indoor and outdoor coatings, latex paints, powder coatings, inks, paper. details
    DuPont Ti-Pure Titanium Dioxide Rutile Powder R... R105 Application:The R-105 is designed for outdoor plastic applications and has a neutral hue and moderate masking strength, making color blending easy. The silicon coating technology minimizes the interaction between the titanium dioxide surface and other materials in the plastic matrix. In addition, R-105 is treated with organic materials to provide excellent macroscopic fluidity and processability, while minimizing the moisture absorption of inorganic-coated titanium dioxide. R - 105 is a kind of fine dry powder. details
    DuPont Ti-Pure Rutile Titanium Dioxide Powder P... R 900 Ti-Pure® R-900 is a versatile indoor pigment with good gloss, high hiding power and excellent dispersion. Recommended for: •Interior architectural coatings • Interior industrial coatings • Powder coatings • Coil coatings • Container coatings •Electroplating applications details
    DuPont Ti – Pure titanium Dioxide TiO2 Ru... R 960 Due to its exceptional outdoor durability, Ti-Pure® R-960 is an ideal pigment choice for many important coating applications, including: , OEM automotive paint and repair paint, high durability outdoor coil coatings, aerospace coatings, powder coatings, against chalking resistance and durability of colour and lustre demanding other industrial OEM and specialty coatings. details
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