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Properties and applications

The physical properties of ACEMATT* OK 412 make it an all-purpose matting agent for coatings and overprint varnishes.

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Characteristic physico-chemical data

Properties and test methods Unit Value
Loss on drying 2 h at 105°C following ISO 787-2 % ≤6
PH value 5%in water following ISO 787-9 - 6.3
Sulfate content following ISO 19350 % ≤1
Particle size,d50 laser diffraction following ISO13320 μm 6.3
Carbon Content elemental analyser LECO following ISO3262-19 % 5.5
Specific surface area (N2)MULTIPOINT FOLLOWING  ISO 9277 M2/G 130
DOA absorption following ISO 19246 Ml/100g 240
SiO2 content following ISO 3262-19 % ≥98


Safety and handling

Information concerning the safety of this product is listed in the corresponding Safety Data Sheet, which will be sent with the first delivery or upon updating. Such information is also available from: Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH, Product Safety Department,E-Mail: We recommend to read carefully the material safety data sheet prior to the use of our product.

Packaging and storage

For details regarding our packaging options for this product, please contact your local sales representative.
Our products are inert and extremely stable chemically. However, due to their high specific surface area, they can absorb moisture and volatile organic compounds from the surrounding atmosphere. Therefore, we recommend to store the products in sealed containers in a dry,cool place,and removed from volatile organic substances. Even if a product is stored under these conditions, after a longer period it can still pick up ambient moisture over time, which could lead to its exceeding the specified moisture content. For this reason, our recommended use-by date is 24 months after date of manufacture. Product more than 24 months old should be tested for moisture content before use in order to make certain that it is still suitable for the intended application.


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