Short Description:

Hydrophilic gaseous silica

AEROSIL 200 is a hydrophilic vapor phase silica with a specific surface area of 200m2/g

Product Detail

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application area 

1.paints and coatings

2. unsaturated polyester resin laminates and gelcoat

3.HTV and RTV-2K silicone rubber

4. Adhesive and sealant

5. Printing ink

6. Cable insulation glue and cable gel

7. Plant protection

8. Food and Cosmetics


1. Rheological and thixotropic control of liquid systems, adhesives, polymers, etc

2. Used as anti-settlement, thickening and anti-flow additive

3. The reinforcement of HCR and RTV-2K silicone rubber

4. can be used to regulate free flow and as an anti-caking agent to improve powder properties

Physicochemical data

property  units typical value
Specific surface area (BET method) M2/g 200±25
Mean primary particle size nm 12
pressurized-water  density  G/l Appro 50
volume density G/l Appro 30
 water content  Wt.% ≤1.5
 ignition loss Wt.% ≤1
 PH value   3.7-4.7
SiO2 content Wt.% ≥99.8



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