In early April, TDI prices fell first and then rose

According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of SunSirs, the price trend of TDI in East China fell first and then rose in early April. On April 11th, the average market price in East China was 17,933.33 RMB/ton, an increase of 1.32% compared to the price of 17,700.00 RMB/ton on April 1st, and the month on month price remained unchanged.

Analysis review

The TDI market was undergoing consolidation and operation, the terminal market was in a low season of consumption, with poor purchasing enthusiasm. Downstream demand performance was weak, the trade market atmosphere was negative, and holders maintained shipments. The focus of TDI transaction shifted downwards. After the release of supplier information in the later stage, the guiding prices of the Shanghai factory were raised, and the quotations from traders followed suit, and TDI prices stopped falling and rebounded. As of the 11th, the quotation range for domestic goods in the distribution market in East China was around 17,500 to 17,800 RMB/ton, while the quotation range for Shanghai goods was 17,800 to 18,000 RMB/ton. The actual order is mainly based on negotiation.

The upstream toluene market had shown a strong upward trend, and the price trend continued to rise. As of April 11th, the domestic average price of toluene was around 7,380 RMB/ton, an increase of 4.24% compared to the price of 7,080 RMB/ton on April 1st. The raw material market was good, and there was strong support for the toluene market. The attitude of the industry supporting price was not decreasing, and the price of toluene rose.

Market outlook

The TDI data analyst from SunSirs believes that the supply side was in a tight spot situation, traders mainly shipped goods, but downstream demand performance was poor, terminal consumption was limited, and there was a lack of positive support on the market. Under the supply and demand game, it is expected that the TDI market will be sorted out in the short term, and the price trend will fluctuate slightly. Please pay attention to the follow-up situation.

Post time: Apr-18-2023