Titanium dioxide in coating industry

There are four important indicators of titanium dioxide in coating industry, whiteness, hiding power, light and weather resistance, dispersibility


①Whiteness: titanium dioxide whiteness, will directly affect the appearance of the film.


②Covering power: Used by coating the surface of the same area, the greater the covering power of titanium pigment, coating can be the thinner, the coating amount is less, the less is the required amount of titanium dioxide, if white covering power is reduced, to achieve the same cover effect, the required amount of titanium dioxide increased, the production cost will increase, and titanium pigment increased dosage, can lead to difficult to spread evenly in titanium pigment in the coating, Aggregation will also affect the covering effect of the coating.


③Dispersion: Titanium pigment dispersion difference will directly affect their decolorization in the coating strength, covering power and optical properties such as surface gloss, but also affects the storage stability of coatings, liquidity, the durability of the coating, anticorrosive, flow property and application performance such as conductivity, in addition, can also affect the cost of production of paint, because of the high grinding scattered operation energy consumption, It accounts for most of the total energy consumption in the coating manufacturing process, and the loss of equipment is large.


④light and weather resistance: coating on titanium dioxide weather resistance requirements are high, especially outdoor surface coating, high light and weather resistance or ultra high light and weather resistance of titanium dioxide.


Post time: Aug-04-2021