Photochromic Pigment 2141

Photochromic Pigment 2141

Short Description:

Photochromic material series Product name: Photochromic MC Pigment #41 New Orange

Item number: UV-PDF-2141 


UV-PDF-2141 is one of our photochromic products. The color of

UV-PDF-2141 will become orange when it irradiates by UV light, and change back to colorless after removing the UV light.

UV-PDF-2141 is micro-capsulated product. The diameter of UV-PDF-2141 is between 1 to 10μm, and its appearance is color or colorless powder.

UV-PDF-2141 can be used in many industries, such as Ink, Paint, Plastic… and so on. Basically, UV-PDF-2141 can be used as pigment.


UV-PDF-2141 is slight-orange powder at normal situation, and becomes orange powder under the radiation of UV light.


UV-PDF-2141 should be kept in a dry place under room temperature and do not

expose to sunlight.

Toxicity& Safety

UV-PDF-2141 has passed the EN-71

and ROHS test.

Application in Ink & Paint⚫ UV-PDF-2141 can disperse in ink and


⚫ UV-PDF-2141 can apply in both oil and water type resin.

⚫ Proper PH value of selected substrate for

UV-PDF-2141 is 7-9.

⚫ Suggested usage of UV-PDF-2141 is 3%~30% (w/w).

⚫ UV-PDF-2141 is suitable for screen ink.

⚫ Suggested printing backgrounds are white or light color series.

⚫ UV-PDF-2141 can be applied as pigments.

⚫ Choose proper resins or bases when use

UV-PDF-2141 on different substrates.

Application in Injection & Extrusion

⚫ UV-PDF-2141 is suitable for many resins, such as PP、PE、PVC、PU、PS、TPR、


⚫ Suggested usage of UV-PDF-2141 is 0.2%~5.0% w/w.

⚫ Use master batch if necessary.

⚫ UV-PDF-2141 can be used with other pigments.

⚫ Avoid using UV-PDF-2141 above 230℃.

⚫ UV-PDF-2141 has higher heat and UV resistance when add proper light stabilizers (NCC LS-UV Series) and anti-oxidants

(NCC AO Series).

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