Pigment Yellow 155

Pigment Yellow 155

Short Description:

Trade Name: H2GP

C.I.: Pigment Yellow 155

C.I. No.: 200310

CAS No.: 68516-73-4/77465-46-4

Molecular Formula: C34H32N6O12

Formula Weight: 716.65

Chemical Class:Disazo condensation

Product Detail

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Physical, Chemical and Resistance Properties

Appearance: Yellow Powder

Shade: Similar to Standard

Density (g/cm3):1.44

Moisture: ≤1.5

Fineness(80 Mesh): ≤5.0

PH Value: 7

Water Soluble Matter (%): ≤2.0

Oil Absorption (ml/100g): ≤70

Electric Conductivity (us/cm): ≤500

Acid Resistance: 5

Alkali Resistance: 5

Water Resistance: 5

Oil Resistance: 5

Heat Resistance (℃): 180

Light Fastness (8=excellent): 7


Application:plastic,water-base paint, solvent-base paint,

water-base ink,solvent-base ink,offset ink 


Packed in 25kgs Bag with Pallet.


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