Water-based imitation electroplating aluminum paste NEW5507

Water-based imitation electroplating aluminum paste NEW5507

Short Description:

Products: High-end water-based imitation electroplating aluminum paste

Number: New 5507

Color: Silver

Grain size (μm) : 6

Chemical composition unit The specific data

Flake aluminum powder

Percentage (%)


Alcohol solvent

Percentage (%)


Ethyl silicate

Percentage (%)


We hereby certify that the above data are collected using our in-house standards and accuracy.The company’s internal standards have reached or exceeded industry standards.

Basic storage and operation methods:

Store away from open flames, high temperature and high static electricity areas, and keep indoor ventilation. The indoor temperature does not exceed 40°C. It is best to operate in a well-ventilated place, do not smoke, and do not expose the container in the air to avoid solvent volatilization.

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