zinc oxide

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    Zinc oxide for chemical use Zinc oxide for chemical use Used as white pigment for lightning arrester, printing and dyeing, rubber, coating, medicine, printing ink, cable, electronics, coin, enamel, match, chemical industry, replacement products, phosphating liquid, electronic laser materials, phosphor, catalyst, magnetic material manufacturing, etc. details
    Reagent grade zinc oxide Reagent grade zinc oxide Widely used in ABS resin, polystyrene, epoxy resin, phenolic resin, amino resin, polyvinyl chloride and paint and ink coloring.In addition, in the rubber industry can also be used as rubber vulcanizing agent, reinforcing agent and colorant.Also used in lacquer cloth, cosmetics, enamel, paper, leather, matches, cable and other production.It can also be used in printing and dyeing, glass industry, medicine industry and so on.It is also used as a desulfurizer in ammonia synthesis.Also used as electronic laser materials, phosphor, feed additives, magnetic material manufacturing, etc. details
    Zinc oxide for rubber Zinc oxide for rubber Rubber grade zinc oxide is used in the production of rubber products such as tires, bias tires, conveyor belts, rubber tubes, adhesive tapes, rubber shoes, latex gloves and so on. details
    Zinc oxide for ceramics Zinc oxide for ceramics Zinc oxide used in ceramics is an important ceramic chemical solvent raw material, which is widely used in building ceramic wall floor tile and low temperature porcelain glaze.It is also widely used in artistic glazes. In the ceramic industry, zinc oxide is widely used in the translucent glaze of brick glaze and coarse pottery and the transparent coarse glaze or cooked glaze of craft tableware.Do you know anything about it? details
    Zinc oxide for coating Zinc oxide for coating Coating zinc oxide is mainly used in high-grade paint, coating and other products and the production of coating intermediates. details