HT Series Fluorescent Pigments

HT Series Fluorescent Pigments

Short Description:

HP Series daylight fluorescent pigments

Introduction:HP Series fluorescent pigments are based on thermoset resin, and for a wide range of solvent-based formulations with good heatstability. They are suitable for inks, coatings, PVC plastisols where improved resistance to polar solvents is needed.

 Features and Benefits:

■ Excellent solvent resistance and brightness.

■ Good temperature stability.

■ Heavy metals meet EN 71-3 requirements for toys; and RoHS compliant


■ Solvent-based paints; aerosols;

■ Printing inks, fabric and plastic coatings;

■ PVC plastisols and calendering

Available Colors:
HP-10 Lemon yellow HP-16 Cerise
HP-11 Green HP-17 Pink
HP-12 Orange yellow HP-18 Magenta
HP-13 Orange HP-19 Blue
HP-14 Red orange HP-20 White
HP-15 Red H-60 Violet

Physical & Chemical Properties: Decomposition Temperature: >200oC Average Particle Size: ≤5µm

Oil Absorption: 65g Oil/100g pigments

Full shade (compared with the standard) similar Color strength (compared with the standard) 100±5%


Fluorescent pigments are stable for indoor applications or outdoor conditions without direct sunlight. When exposed to outdoor sunlight the color will fade, and the degree of fading is depending on following factors:

■ Color of the pigment ■ Type polymer carrier ■ Intensity of the incident sunlight.

■ Pigment loading and thickness ink/paint film. The higher the pigment loading and thickness, the better the lightfastness is. The lightfastness may be improved by including UV absorber(s) in the formulation and/or by making use of clear overcoats containing UV absorber(s).


HP pigments are substantially resistant to many solvents and plasticizers. Mixtures of some solvents may have a more severe effect on HP pigments than an individual solvent alone. Special attention also should be paid when HP pigments are exposed to heat in solvent-based formulations. Test is necessary before use in a particular application.


When stored in a cool, dry environment, in closed bags the product can be stored for at least 2 years. All opened bags should be carefully resealed immediately after use.


HP series are essentially non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-radioactive with extremely low heavy-metal content. Safety data sheet (SDS) is available upon request.




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