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    Nonionic Surfactant Polyethylene Glycol PEG-200... PEG-200 PEG-200 can be used as medium of organic composition and thermal carrier of high requirements,humectant in daily chemical industry、lnorganic salt solubilizer、viscosity modifier;softener in textile industry、antistatic agent;wetting industry in paper making and pesticide industry. details
    Braking fluid HZY3/HZY4 YD-1  Mainly used as working medium in the process of pressure transfer in automobile's braking system. details
    YD-1# Polyether YD-1    Mainly used as primary material of high grade braking liquid. details
    Polyethylene glycol Dimethyl ether Polyethylene glycol Dimethyl ether Can be an assistant solvent in main acid gas(H2S,CO2,COS),helping to gassing,shaping,cling,and be antistatic.     Can be assistant solvent in textile-dyeing trades and of special printing ink,offset point developer,printing material andprinting facilities' cleanser,industrial cleanser(without bittern in it's main prescription),daily cleanser,organic reaction,devolving activator,paint,de-paint and defoamer in printing trades,etc. details
    Diethylene glycol Monobutyl ether acetate Diethylene glycol Monobutyl ether acetate      Can be used to dissolve ethyl cellulose,polystyrene,lipid rubber,nitro-cotton,etc. details
    Diethylene glycol Monobutyl ether(DB) DB  Mainly used as solvent of paint,printing ink,stamp pad ink for seals,oil and resin etc.,also used as metal detergent,paint striper,lubrication remover,automobile engine cleanser,paint dry cleaning agent,epoxy resin solvent and medicine extractor,besides,it is used a stabilizer of emulsion paint,evaporation inhibitor of aircraft paint and finishing modifier of high temperature baked enamel paint. details
    Diethylene glycol Monopropyl ether Diethylene glycol Monopropyl ether  Mainly used as a solvent for nitro-cotton,spray-paint,dry-immediately paint,de-paint,de-paint and in the combination process of pesticide; a solvent and dispersant in the trades of printing ink, printing and dyeing industry, and it is an ideal solvent for the combination of other substances. details
    Diethylene glycol Monoethyl ether acetate(DEA) DEA  Can be mixed with many kinds of products of organic solvents and the capacity of which is much bigger than the ethylene glycol monoethyl ether, It can be a solvent for macromolecule substances such as lipid,rosin,chlorides rubber,neoprene,nitro-cotton,ethyl cellulose and alkyd. It also can be a solvent for metal and furnishing spray-paint,brush-paint,printing ink and print-paint. details
    Diethylene glycol Monoethyl ether(DE) DE Widely used as solvent,detergent and stabilizer of nitro paint,sloxane-modified polytheruthane polyester paint,printing ink,recycle of refined vitamin B12,automobile engine cleanser,jet fuel additive,resin,cleanser,vehicle braking liquid,textile assistant and high boiling solvent of organic chemical product,etc. details
    Triethylene glycol Monomethyl ether(TGME) TGME  Used as solvent,thinner,anti-freeze in such trades as printing ink,industrial cleanser,paint,dye,copper cladding plate,electrolytc capacitor and aviation fuel,used as raw material in textile assistant,high,grade braking liquid,water soluble cleanser,synthetic liquid dye and desulphurizing agent in oil refining,etc. details
    Vinyl acetate-acryl ate copolymer emulsion KC-2... KC-2228F Vinyl acetate-acryl ate copolymer emulsion for interior coating details
    Pure acrylic emulsion KC-9299 KC-9299 Pure acrylic emulsion for environmental friendly elastic exterior latex paint details
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